What about your dream routine?

A dream routine will always begin with a perfect imaginary day where I think it would start me getting up with a good energy and motivated. My routine would start getting up early roughly at 7 a.m and I’d start with a nice cup of coffee and a banana pancake.

After that, I’ll begin with some workout exercises where I could release my dopamine hormon to increase my brain performance, giving me the necessary strengh to support the whole day and also improve my quality life’s health.

Afterwards, I’d hanging around a garden a little bit to create new ideas and good thoughts, like a meditation.

A walk in a park for example.

At the beginning of the afternoon, I’d get a good swim workout, looking to swim about 2 thousand meters. This would help me to release my inner energy to get a better mental health. For me a good swimming training is like a meditation, because you have to focus on your breath and stroke swimming rate at the same time. A good time management, in this case, is considerable a good strengh, a unique trait of ability.

Practice a good swimming workout is very good for your entire health.

During my day I would organize my business things too, working with tables and numbers to control your finance. In the evening, I’d look for some book to read something different, because that’s also a good habit.

Reading a good book is always helpfull to develop your mindset and expand your mentality.

Remember that all these activicties you will do, you always have to think about doing your best. There’s nothing like to improve yourself each new day.

Romer Jr.

Thank you very much, and always enjoy your day, your week and all your life, the name for it is gratitude.

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